Glow Getters: Cartology knows what customers are looking for

24 November 2022

It’s the time of year when health and beauty routines take a step up, with some eye catching results. (Fun fact: Serum sales have increased 64 per cent year on year1!) 

We talked to health and beauty customers through the Woolworths Gather Panel to understand purchase drivers, shopping behaviours, expectations of brands and the retail media interactions of customers across six priority sub categories.

This deeper understanding of how customers browse and shop creates numerous opportunities for brands to connect with customers looking for new products, tried and tested favourites and inspiration, to help them get their glow on. 

Beyond face value

The growth of the health and beauty category post-pandemic is apparent, as customers seek information beyond the shelf. They want to know the benefits of ingredients and how products will serve them in the long term. 

Here are some of the customer health and beauty trends that have emerged: 

Cosmetics: Make-up is an essential part of many customers’ daily routines. They feel more confident wearing make-up and prefer a natural look, with their needs dependent on the weather and season. Nine in 10 customers purchase cosmetic products during their grocery shop for the convenience, while three in five take advantage of loyalty programs. 

Skincare: With customers focussed on their daily facial and body skincare routines, the supermarket is the perfect environment for brands with three in four customers noticing or engaging with retail media while shopping in the skincare category. 53% of customers have a different routine in the morning to the evening, and 43% look for guidance when purchasing skincare products. 

Haircare: Short, long, frizzy or tame, we know what customers are thinking about when it comes to their mane. 60% of customers agree that their hair is an important part of their identity, so it comes as no surprise that quality is the top purchase driver for hair care products, ahead of price. One in two customers buy hair care products from the supermarket to take advantage of loyalty programs, with a savvy 70% stocking up on their favourite hair care products when they’re on sale.

Customers want brands to show up, educate and inform them as they research, browse and shop for the essentials in the Health & Beauty category, to help them feel their best.

Two in three customers notice or engage with retail media while shopping in the Health & Beauty category and with Cartology’s highly targeted suite of retail advertising solutions, brands can help customers connect with brands at every stage of the customer journey. 

Ready to connect with Woolworths Health and Beauty customers? Reach out to your Cartology representative to learn more about retail media partnerships. 

*Source: Woolworths Gather Panel, Category Insights Deep Dive Survey - H&B, August 2022. Health & Beauty Sub Categories include oral care, skin care, personal wash, hair care, cosmetics & medicinal. Sun care, men’s care, period care, continence care etc are not included.

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