Grab a seat at the table this Christmas

Christmas is a time for connection, community and togetherness and it’s the special celebrations that bring us together.

Cartology partnered with research agency Nature, to go deeper with customers. We talked to 1,000 Australians to understand their attitudes, shopping behaviours and retail media interactions in the months leading up to the festive season. Coupled with our unique Woolworths customer insight, and we have a clear picture of how brands can reach customers at the moments that matter most this Christmas.

Inspire me

Customers are looking to Woolworths for inspiration!

As expected, the research revealed an overwhelmingly positive sentiment, with customers looking to their supermarket for ideas for their family celebrations, Christmas recipes and gift giving.

77% say that Christmas is an important time to spend with family. 

54% seek Christmas meal inspiration from their supermarket.

85% purchase gifts for family and friends at Christmas.

Christmas magazine in store

They are planning to make their Christmas celebration special

Customers are deeply engaged in the planning process, preparing shopping lists and starting their shopping well in advance.

78% plan their meals.

72% put together a grocery shopping list prior to commencing their shop.

60% prefer to do a large shop rather than multple small shops at Christmas.

Woman doing online shopping

Omnichannel is at the heart of their Christmas shopping

The evolving Christmas customer is omnichannel, researching and shopping regularly online as well as in-store.

37% of customers do both in the lead-up to Christmas.

49% of Omnichannel customers are 18-34 year old males.

59% say Woolworths created a great shopping atmosphere in-store last Christmas.


Create real customer impact this Christmas

Customers are deeply engaged with retail media touchpoints and look to their local supermarket to help them create a celebration to remember. Cartology’s brand activation solutions guide customers along their shopping journey from inspiration through to discovery and purchase.


58% of customers engaged with retail media touchpoints last Christmas

56% of customers are engaging with supermarket loyalty programs at Christmas 

26% tried a new brand or product last Christmas as a result of Christmas advertising

39% of customers are open to hearing about brands talk about Christmas in advertising


Reaching 94% of the Australian households who shop across Woolworths’ physical and digital ecosystems, brands can achieve real customer impact in the moments that matter most this Christmas.

Get an in-depth look at the omnichannel customer by downloading the Christmas Customer Journey Fact Sheet.

Get in touch, or contact your Cartology partnership manager to find out more.

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