Real insight from Drinks category customers

The Drinks category is established and trusted amongst Woolworths’ customers as Aussies look to Woolworths for range and quality from brands they trust.

Speaking to almost 3,000 Drinks category customers, we garnered a deep understanding of their purchase drivers, shopping behaviours, expectations of brands and retail media interactions to understand what customers really want across Soft Drinks, Sports Drinks or Iced Tea, Energy Drinks, Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Mixers and Water categories.

This deeper understanding of how customers think, plan and shop creates numerous opportunities for brands to connect with customers looking for new flavours, trusted product ingredients and inspiration. 

So, what’s on customers' minds?

Three in four customers notice or engage with retail media while shopping in the Drinks category and with Cartology’s highly targeted suite of retail advertising solutions, we can help brands reach customers at every stage of the connected customer journey.

Value is more than price

Taste and quality are the top purchase drivers, ahead of price across the Drinks category.

Customers are looking for guidance and inspiration

Product ingredients and the functional benefits of drinks stand out most to customers when shopping in the supermarket.

Customers are making planned purchases

3 in 4 customers purchased from the Drinks category because they planned to.

Occasion-based consumption is on the rise

52% consume Soft Drinks during get-togethers with friends/family and 50% for special celebrations.

48% consume Sports Drinks or Iced Tea after exercise and 32% during exercise.

59% consume Mixers during get togethers, and 54% whilst entertaining guests.

While Soft Drink customers are planning  their purchases in advance, Sports Drinks & Ices Tea and Non-Alocoholic drinks are most likely to be purchased on impulse. Brands have the opportunity to capture customers and cut through at the importantfinal step of their path to purchase.


What's the value equation for customers

Real customer impact with Cartology's Sprite + Lemon launch campaign

Cartology and CCEP developed an immersive and impactful strategy to launch Sprite+Lemon, ensuring customers were met with brand messaging across the entire path to purchase, both in-store and online, delivering over 200,000 new-to-SKU customers. 

This is Retail media video

Get the spill on drinks customers

Find out more about drinks customers and how they're thinking and behaving across different subcategories in the drinks space.

This is Retail media video

Ride the wave of Retail Media

It’s the third wave of advertising and it’s shaking up the industry. Learn more about the power of Retail Media, to reach and impact your customers along the connected shopping journey.

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Source: Woolworths Gather Panel, Category Insights Deep Dive Drinks Survey, January 2023 n=2,911. 

*Sub cats include Energy Drinks, Water, Soft Drinks, Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Soft Drinks & Iced Tea and Mixers.

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