2022 with Chobani and Vittoria

8 February 2022

This month we bring you a fresh perspective on 2022, from Rolando Schirato, Food and Beverage Managing Director at Vittoria and Julia Clark, Demand General Manager at Chobani.

Q. What’s the customer trend you expect to gain traction in 2022?

Rolando Schirato, Vittoria: We're seeing a big shift in the way people shop and we're seeing online becoming increasingly integrated with traditional brick and mortar shopping. Consumers are now in a constant state of passive shopping. They're shopping online from desktops and mobiles, while scrolling Instagram and Facebook in bed, or on the train. Consumers' point of purchase can now be anywhere.

We're fortunate that coffee continues to play such an important role in our daily rituals. In the last two years, we've launched a number of new products and we'll continue to explore new ways to bring coffee to our customers in convenient, high-quality formats.

Q. Where does retail media sit in your marketing strategy?

Julia Clark, Chobani: Retail media is an important element of our marketing strategy and the degree to which we leverage it is based on our campaign objectives. 

We are moving away from looking at a traditional ATL and BTL approach - our customers don’t take a linear path to purchase and we want to build cohesive and holistic plans, with retail media playing a key role in the overall campaign objectives.

Cartology has been an important partner for us to work with because they reach customers through the entire shopper journey – from mass out-of-store awareness to that final piece of consideration right at the point of purchase. Cartology also has the unique ability to use insights from customer data that was captured through campaigns, which lets us follow up with an offer to encourage repeat purchase for specific customers, such as those who are new to the brand.

Q. How are you responding to the evolving omnichannel customer? 

Rolando Schirato, Vittoria: Our challenge is to keep communicating with our customers throughout their shopping day. 

Where once we could rely on mass media and in-store activations to reach our customers, we now communicate through a much wider variety of media including online advertising, social media, traditional radio, print, TV, in-store and online sampling, point of purchase and direct marketing.

Q. How important is customer insight to your business and how does it inform your strategy?

Julia Clark, Chobani: Customer insight is incredibly important. It is at the heart of building our brands and informs our marketing strategies and activities. 

The evolution of the omnichannel shopper has led to increased access to quality customer data, so our ability to measure results and drive insights in post-campaign reviews is also improving, which helps inform future campaigns. With access to greater amounts of data, it’s important we have the right internal resources, and the right partners, to help us mine that data and derive the insights.

As a result of the changes in how our customers shop, access information and make purchase decisions, our business has evolved to optimise brand engagement across multiple channels. We’re increasing our focus on customer, category and shopper insights to help us build holistic and relevant plans for our evolving customer.

This article first appeared in Cartology’s Cartifacts February edition.

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