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Parents are loyal to brands - particularly when it comes to their families. With 22 per cent of BabyLove sales coming from digital customers, they needed a way to educate customers by targeting them in the right environment.


Campaign objectives

Drive trial amongst BabyLove’s target customers and increase brand preference and connection to customers through emotive marketing. 

Cartology solution

Online is a huge sales driver, so making it easy for customers to add-to-cart was crucial. Cartology developed a highly targeted campaign with BabyLove that utilised premium, impactful video placements via our shoppable YouTube offering to drive awareness and consideration. Knowing that the baby needs category has a high share of online sales, video was key!

Shoppable formats help simplify the middle phase of the shopping journey. 70 per cent of YouTube viewers say they bought from a brand as a result of seeing it on YouTube, so Cartology made it easy for customers to navigate from viewing the ad to quickly entering the shopping ecosystem, in a seamless experience.


Campaign performance


21% increase in customers


2.5% uplift in consideration


24% sales increase (pre period)

But don't just take our word for it:


“The campaign was a success, generating an uplift in consideration, significant lift in sales and customers. We were able to reach and engage customers with the right message and in the right environment, utilising impactful video placements” 

Michael Joel - General Manager Marketing at Unicharm Australasia.

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