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The launch of Sprite Lemon + the ‘Sprite with bite’ - was a refreshing new direction for the Sprite brand, so immersing customers in a Sprite Lemon + campaign experience was paramount to the new brand’s success. Cartology and CCEP workshopped the campaign and developed a robust framework designed to meet the CCEP business objectives for the launch.

The result was a highly successful omnichannel campaign that delivered over 100k new customers to the Sprite brand, 200k new to SKU customers and over 40k repeat purchasers, exceeding CCEP’s expectations. 

Campaign objectives

There were three key objectives for the Sprite Lemon + campaign:
- Connect with active customers primed to convert
- Drive Customer Penetration (target 16k NTB customers)Drive AWOP of the Bottles & Cans
- Category (target repeat purchase rate 15%)

Cartology solution

Cartology’s Sprite Lemon + campaign strategy ensured customers were met with impactful brand messaging across the entire path to purchase, both in-store and online, from October to December 2022. 

Prior engagement via Everyday Rewards also reduced wastage and ensured maximum efficiency. Cartology’s impactful, on-target assets gave customers the chance to save, sample and discover the new ‘Sprite with bite’ utilising the following: Digital Screens, Bespoke POS (2D Aisle Fin), Search Display Roadblock Package, CPP, Editorial Carousel, eDM, 1:1 Rewards and Sampling.

A combination of price promotion and Cartology’s omnichannel media strategy achieved strong results and quenched customers’ thirst for discovery.

Campaign performance

With Cartology and CCEP thirsty for results, an exceptional result for Sprite Lemon + was achieved. With an original goal to attract 15,000 new to brand customers, it’s clear the refreshing taste of Sprite Lemon + with the help of Cartology went down a treat.

100K new customers to Sprite brand (48%)

200K new to SKU customers (84%)

-40K repeat purchasers (October 8%, November 20%, December 19%)

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