Putting customers at the heart of everything we do

Cartology uses data-driven marketing solutions to directly connect your brands to our customers at the moments that matter.

When we combine our 21.5+ million weekly customer visits with our 12.5+ million Everyday Rewards members and our exclusive media channels, we create campaigns that deliver results.

Every campaign we develop and execute utilises our 3 core principles


Customer personalisation

We know that customers expect personalised messages, and engage more with brands who provide them. At Cartology we enable brands to access the biggest customer personalisation engine in Australia, to ensure that your message goes to the right customer at the right time.

Data-led connections

Data-led connections means working closely with brands to identify their campaign objectives and using previous campaign data to make channel recommendations to deliver optimal and measurable outcomes.

Continuous results

Our ability to directly link campaign exposure to sales means that we can monitor campaign performance from media metrics through to sales results on both digital and in-store campaigns.

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