Work at Cartology and be part of something meaningful with the
Woolworths Group

Cartology gets customers in a way that no-one else can, because we put customers at the heart of everything we do. We are a rapidly growing Retail Media business powered by Australia’s most trusted brands.


Why work at Cartology?

At Cartology, we are pioneering the future of Retail Media. We are creating, shaping and leading this new industry that connects brands to customers in new and exciting ways. 

As a team we are smart, hardworking and passionate. Together, as part of the Woolworths Group, we create opportunity and realise success. 

And we’re looking for new talent to join our team. Check out our careers at Cartology.

Cherish culture

We cherish culture.

We value flexibility. We encourage creativity. We nurture wellbeing. 

We’re resilient, always improving and pushing ourselves with the power of the pioneering spirit.

Be nothing but yourself in a culture that’s exciting, inclusive and rewarding.

we champion collaboration

We champion collaboration.

Collaboration is the key to our success at Cartology.

Work alongside ambitious, smart and passionate teams, because accomplishments are rarely achieved alone. 

Advance your career into new territories and belong to something meaningful as part of The Woolworths Group.

We value you

We value you.

Get what you need to create, shape and lead.

Gain a great sense of achievement through work that’s both challenging and rewarding. 

Feel inspired with coaching and development that allows you to be a pioneer. 

Be part of a team that recognises success as you make your mark, big or small.


We, the pioneers, will break new ground, will grow and have fun along the way. It’s an exciting time at Cartology and because we’re growing we’re looking for curious, brave and resilient individuals who share our vision to create the future of retail media. 

If you’re looking to advance your career and make your mark, grow with Cartology and be part of something meaningful as part of the Woolworths Group. 

Check out the jobs at Cartology!

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