Bringing smarts of retail media to retail out of home

15 August 2023

Bringing the smarts of retail media to retail out of home

The customer journey is becoming increasingly nuanced, challenging brands and agencies to effectively target Customers through a deep understanding of where and how they choose to shop. 

As customer behaviour and data accessibility shifts the media landscape, it’s an exciting time in retail media. In my meetings with agencies, one thing has become very clear: there is excitement about the huge possibilities retail media and agencies can achieve through unlocking the power of first party data.

The holy grail, first party data is powering out of home 

I believe that first party data and a true understanding of customers is crucial to the success of brands moving forward, even more so as we move towards a cookieless future. It’s this rich customer insight that paints a full portrait of our customers, enabling brands to connect in contextually rich environments where they’re already predisposed to seeing and receiving brand messages.  

The superpower of true retail media is first party data. Cartology has taken that power and put it into the channels agencies know and buy to create two distinct, customer-centric solutions. 

By fusing the scale and intelligence of Cartology’s data-driven solutions for brands, together with the best of digital off-network targeting with the Shopper screens network, we can deliver campaign solutions that bring brands closest to customers.

There’s a role for broadcast, but it can work harder 

There’s no arguing the role of broadcast reach at scale. We’ve been excited about Shopper joining Cartology due to the broadcast nature of the network and the proximity to the point of purchase. By adding the smarts of retail media, brands can go beyond reaching only audiences and potential shoppers, but target verified, active category and subcategory customers for greater campaign impact and efficiency. 

Agencies can now pinpoint Shopper screens that over-index in particular buyer behaviours and customer attributes, to make retail out of home budgets work harder. 

Paired with digital off-network solutions, we can unlock the sophistication of first party targeting across the scale of premium external media channels such as YouTube and digital display media. Brands can activate through Cartology’s customer segments or build bespoke segments to develop hyper targeted digital campaigns that drive awareness and sales, but also minimise wastage.

It’s not us or them. It’s us together 

Retail media is shaking up the landscape. The nacency of the medium has unlocked exciting conversations with brands and partners, but also questions around how it fits, how it comes together for brands and agencies, and how to leverage it effectively. Does it sit in trade budgets? Is it above the line? 

We work with brands and agencies in the way they choose to work, to find the solution that’s best for them. Likewise, for our customers on the journey from discovery to transaction, they don’t see price promotion vs brand awareness - they just see brands, front and centre, when and where they need them. It’s our role to make that a seamless experience. 

We’re seeing our partners at varying stages in their retail media journey. Regardless of the stage, we’ve seen retail media thrive where there is collaborative and holistic planning between agency, client and media owner to generate impact for brands and a connected experience for customers.

Taking brands from closer, to closest to customers

Everything we do comes down to impact; for the campaign, our customers and of course our brands at the checkout. Where we’re taking things next-level is in top of mind awareness during shopping journeys, enhanced planning and reporting, leveraging Woolworths transactional data and, ultimately, delivering tangible results for brands.

Don’t just get close to customers. Get closest. 


This article was first published in B&T.