Cartology Campaign of the Year Award Winners

20 November 2023

Cartology Campaign of the Year Award Winners

Coca Cola Europacific Partners, Nestlé, Peters and Vittoria Food & Beverage have been crowned category winners while Vittoria Food & Beverage’s Jarlsberg has taken top place at the inaugural Cartology Campaign of the Year awards. 

Brands and partners joined a ceremony at Pier One, Sydney Harbour overnight celebrating the success of over 30 awards submissions, 13 finalists and four category winners representing strategic thinking and innovation in retail media to deliver best in class retail media campaigns. 

The 2023 Cartology Campaign of the Year category winners are; 

Best omnichannel campaign 

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners ; Sprite Lemon+ launch.

Best small supplier campaign

Vittoria Food & Beverage ; Jarlsberg Month with an Honourable Mention to Good Goods Who Gives a Crap launch into Woolworths Supermarkets 

Best event activation 

Peters Ice Cream ; Summer of Ice Cream event with an honourable mention to Remedy Drinks for their Winter Essentials event activation

Best use of Customer Insights 

Nestlé Purina Petcare ; Cat Give Back. 

Cartology Managing Director, Mike Tyquin said: “It was incredibly pleasing to see such quality campaign pitches across all categories. These awards truly demonstrate the effectiveness of retail media with customer insight at the core. 

Clients were clear on objectives, which enabled us to unlock the right insights and the right solutions to drive better campaign outcomes. What was also really clear through every submission was the collaboration between Cartology, the Woolworths Group and our supplier partners to deliver multi-channel campaigns that best leveraged the retail environment and customer experience.” 

The overall 2023 Cartology Campaign of the Year Award went to Vittoria Food & Beverage’s Jarlsberg, winner in the Best Small Supplier Campaign category. 

Woolworths Supermarkets Director of Brand and Marketing and 2023 Campaign of the Year judge Jane Saleh spoke highly of the calibre of the finalists. “The Jarlsberg month campaign was a true example of knowing the customer and the nuances of the category. The deli counter shopper is a captive audience, so engagement through deli counter screens, decals and sampling really leveraged the theatre of the store environment. 

The campaign messaging was clear throughout the customer experience both online and offline, and there was something truly in it for customers through sampling which brought the right customers back into the category.” 

The Cartology Campaign of the Year winner for 2023 will also be celebrated at the upcoming Woolworths Supplier of the Year Awards.